Results & Downloads

The project developed proposals for a European e-skills quality label, along with prototype online services and tools to promote transparency and to provide guidance in the market for ICT industry training and certification. The proposed label is based on the European e-Competence Framework and EQAVET, and the overall result is a mechanism that makes it possible to distinguish different types of certification and training, referenced against the e-Competence Framework. In addition, new access is provided to information and evidence about demand and supply of e-skills in Europe, along with a prototype service and tool to support career development, job placement and recruitment, by giving guidance on certification.

The prototype of an online landscape, self-assessment tool and web portal is offered to stakeholders interested in its further development and enhancement, with a view to creating a fully-fledged service in the job placement, recruitment, e-skills development and certification market.

Results of the study were presented at a conference on 24 January 2013 in Brussels, attended by more than 220 participants. The final report was released in March 2013 and a brochure presents the synthesis of the study results and so does a video.