Contributing to transparency in the European e-Skills IBTC market

The study will gather fresh and reliable information on the European eSkills IBTC market, presented online in a landscape service (link to come soon), as well as trends, challenges and opportunities, and develop a mapping of leading IBTC courses to the European e-Competences Framework (e-CF). The landscape will also provide information and statistics, covering indicators for supply and demand for the ICT industry-based training and certifications. 

These activities are intended to contribute to greater transparency for workers and employers in the European e-Skills market, and provide strong input to evidence-based policy development. 

A core service of the study is the mapping of e-Skills certification against the European e-Competence Framework. This service will map IBTC offers to a common framework and provide the prototype of an online service to stakeholders and thereby help to provide an urgently needed orientation and navigation support through the e-skills ‘jungle’ for ICT practitioners and employers. 

To reach a deeper understanding of the market, furthermore a survey of European employers is carried out, revealing demand for IBTC and e-skills in the European labour market. A representative sample of enterprises across several EU member states is drawn and 4000 interviews are carried out with industry decision-makers. 

The e-skills online service landscape and self assessment tool is available at: