Quality label

The methodological approach of the study, to draw up detailed proposals for quality labels for ICT industry-based training, can be summarised as expert-moderated stakeholder consultation. The Study Team will prepare drafts and list issues and with these feed an extended process of consultation with key stakeholders in IBTC. 

IBTC players are major stakeholders in this process, and every effort will be made to align the direction of development with their needs and ensure a proper business case underlies any requirement for action.

Stakeholder consultation discusses options for IBTC quality labels. Options concern:

  • Award criteria (indicators) for quality labels
  • Processes for assessment, award renewal and audit as well as for review and modification of award criteria and processes
  • Governance structures for eSkills IBTC accreditation and quality label award processes.

The consultation will is based on key inputs from policy documents, particularly:

  • EQAVET Annex I Quality Criteria and Indicative Descriptors – the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework
  • EQAVET Annex II Reference Set of Selected Quality Indicators for Assessing Quality in VET
  • EQF Annex III

Although EQAVET is not yet widely known among IBTC stakeholders, its principles appear applicable to this domain. Some of the EQAVET criteria can be directly monitored by IBTC certification providers whereas others, such as those related to teaching staff are only to be monitored at training provider level. Certification providers will probably agree that setting up reporting structures with training providers to gather provider-specific indicator data will be acceptable in the context of maintaining a high-quality, European profile. 

A quality system aligned to EQAVET is likely to be both feasible and attractive to IBTC providers. At the same time it has to be seen whether a simple translation of EQAVET descriptors and indicators into the domain will be an adequately complete approach. It may be necessary to take a more comprehensive approach, regarding both accreditation and quality label award as part of a coherent quality assurance system for e-Skills IBTC in Europe, comprising both processes and (institutional) structures.